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ヤフースポーツは、チョン・グァンボムの反則を〈北朝鮮スケーターのひどいスポーツマンシップ(North Korean speed skater's act of terrible sportsmanship)〉という題の記事を21日、取り上げた









チョン・グァンボムは事件についての返事を拒否して競技場を抜け出た。(機械翻訳 若干修正)



 North Korean speed skater's act of terrible sportsmanship
(yahoo sports 2018/02/21)

The North Korean cheer squad was out in full force to support their 'speed skater' Jong Kwang Bom in the heats of the 500 metre race at the Winter Olympics.

But instead of bringing his country great pride and success, the 16-year-old had a day to forget, lasting only a few seconds upright on the ice across two attempts at qualifying for the final.

Jong had an inside start position for his first attempt at the short race, but instantly fell over, face-planted and then attempted to trip up his rival, seemingly in the hope of getting the race restarted.

Clearly he didn't give much thought to the state of his fingers as he reached his hand out in front of the sharp skates of his Japanese rival Keita Watanabe.

"(Jong) got his hands perilously close to the skates of Keita Watanabe as well," Seven commentator Peter Donegan said.

"That makes you wince a little bit to see what could happen in that circumstance."

Luckily the Japanese skater overcame the trip and avoided a crash, however Jong appeared to get his wish as officials restarted the race.

The second attempt didn't get much better for the North Korean youngster though, as he crashed out hard on one of the opening turns, before getting back on his skates and slowly finishing the race in last place.

According to USA Today, Jong appeared terrified as he emerged in the media zone after the race.

Meanwhile the Japanese opponent he tried to trip up tried to downplay the event to reporters, saying the act was "a reflex" by Jong.

The Japan coach said it was hard to judge the intention of Jong, given the 500 metre race is typically rife with collisions, disqualifications and general mayhem.

“I don’t know what was his intention,” Japan’s coach, Jonathan Guilmette, said.

“It is really hard to judge what’s the intention. I don’t know if he tried to grab the skates or if he is just trying to hold onto something like a reflex – there are so many hands all over in our sport. That was a reflex thing more than trying to trip over someone else.”

Jong on the other hand refused questions about the incident as he was scurried away from media by a handler.

He was only entered in this one event and thus his Olympics were, while eventful, quickly over.(略)